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The Resus4Kids program is managed by Kids Simulation Australia under the governing body of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, offering training and education across Australia.

They provide local healthcare organisations, private or public, and universities with standardised, evidenced based resuscitation education programs, including online learning modules, in-person practical workshops and instructor resources.

What we do


The Resus4Kids program offer two main life support training program for health care rescuers.

  • Resus4Kids – Paediatric Life Support for Healthcare Rescuers
  • Resus4Kids – Basic Life Support for Allied Healthcare Rescuers

These programs are delivered in an interdisciplinary context from an undergraduate level through to staff specialists and educators, and is currently taught to doctors, nurses, paramedics, allied healthcare professionals and university students.

Individual agreements can be made for both programs. Agreements can also be made for organisations outside of Australia.

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The Resus4Kids program is managed by Kids Simulation Australia. See our courses linked below.


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The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network provides a range of paediatric learning opportunities to healthcare professionals in the community. Sign up to our Learning Platform to browse all courses.