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How do I enrol?

The Graduate Diploma in Child Health (GDCH) is delivered by The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN) in partnership with Western Sydney University (WSU). Therefore, the steps you need to follow are slightly different to what is provided by the University. This page outlines how to complete your enrolment into the GDCH. 

To accept your offer, you need to activate your student account (WesternAccount). You can access the University's online services including MyStudentRecords - your online student record, the Library, student email and more. 

On the day you receive your letter of offer, you will also receive your Western Sydney ID number and email. It’s important to set up your student account ASAP so that you can access your student email and calendar. This ensures we can get – and stay – in touch and you don’t miss any important dates or information. Click here to get the step-by-step instruction to set up your student account. 

You may defer your enrolment up to 12 months, depending on the date of your offer. Read the instructions on how to defer.

Refer to the Student Handbook for the Graduate Diploma in Child Health (4793) and choose your subjects. Keep in mind that you must complete subjects MEDI5001 to MEDI 5004 before completing MEDI6001 to MEDI6004. Once you are ready to register for subjects, head to MyStudentRecords to start. 

The Graduate Diploma does not offer recognition for prior learning. For assistance on how to register for subjects, please contact 1300 897 669 or emailing

 Login to My Student Records (MySR) and let's get started. This video playlist will guide you through the steps of enrolment in MySR:

          1. Open My Student Records (MySR) and login with your student ID and password.

          2. If you are a new student, make sure you have the handbook open to refer to the GDCH. Make a note of the subject codes you are registering for.

          3. You will be asked to select the Term you are enrolling into. (E.g. 2023 Quarter, or All Terms)

          4. Search for your subject codes and click "Add" and click "Submit"

          5. You will receive an email confirmation once you have registered successfully. Read the next step below to find out how to access your subjects. 


         For more information, visit: How to: Register | Western Sydney University



Once you have registered for subjects, it may take up to 72 hours for our team (SCHP Education) to receive your registration details. 

Check your WSU student email inbox regularly for a welcome email containing instructions on how to complete your account activation on the SCHP Learning Platform ( 

  • New student? Please do not self-register your western email address on the SCHP Learning Platform. You will receive an email from us when your account is ready. Then, you can click on "Forgot Password" to complete the account setup. 
  • Existing student? Your subjects will be automatically added to your account on the SCHP Learning Platform. 

All fees are due by the session census date - please see the census dates webpage for the Academic Year dateline (Quarterly sessions).

You can access your electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) in MySR once the teaching session starts. It will show what subjects you're enrolled in, what fees you owe and list payment options.

  • Previous SCHP/DCH participants transitioning to GDCH - Let us know when you have applied and enrolled into the program, and any existing credits will be applied automatically to your eSOA. 
  • Australian citizens – if you've successfully supplied your Tax File Number (TFN) your eSOA will say this and you don't have to take any action – your fees (student contribution) will automatically be deferred via a HECS-HELP loan.
  • Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens – you must pay your fees (student contribution) up front by the census date. The total you owe and payment options are listed on your eSOA.
  • International students (Student Visa Holders) – you must pay your fees up front according to your eSOA.  


Helpful resources and links

Helpful links
Student Central
For general enquiries on course application, student enrolment, fees, graduation and rule waivers, please contact Student Central on 1300 668 370
SCHN Education hub Team
Contact us on or call 9933 8600 if you are experiencing technical difficulties on the SCHN Learning Platform, or if you have questions about the learning material or assessments.

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