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Operated by the SCHN Education hub team at Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN), the SCHN learning platform offers a diverse array of pediatric education and learning opportunities for both internal and external health professionals. If you're considering applying for the Graduate Diploma in Child Health, please note that the application process varies. Kindly refer to the the GDCH course page for detailed information on how to proceed.


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With over 30 years of commitment, we've been bridging the gap in paediatric education for healthcare professionals. Our user-friendly learning platform enables you to seamlessly integrate studies into your family, work, and lifestyle commitments. Experience education tailored to your life – learn on your terms with us.

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To deliver increased security and privacy during your examination.

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Hosted 100% online, no in-person attendance required.

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Apply your knowledge with interactive quizzes set at the end of  every module.

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To help you stay on track with your studies and updated with the latest events.

Learning content

Carefully mapped by our team of paediatricians and education designers to reflect current and best evidence approaches.

The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network provides a range of paediatric learning opportunities to healthcare professionals in the community. Sign up to our Learning Platform to browse all courses.