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Kids Simulation Australia (KSA) is the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network simulation service. Our vision: Simulation as part of safety, quality and education for paediatric healthcare.

Our purpose: To champion safe, immersive experiences that ensure children receive high quality healthcare KSA forms part of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Education Services and is guided by the SCHN Education and Training Strategic Plan (2017-2022).

What we do


KSA aims to provide an SCHN-based simulation service that focuses on patient safety, quality improvement, and immersive education for paediatric health services.

KSA focuses on applying innovative and evidence-based simulation techniques to allow paediatric healthcare professionals a safe, immersive experience that improves knowledge and skill development. These experiences are aimed at ensuring high-quality care is provided to all paediatric patients.

The stakes are high in healthcare and mistakes can have serious consequences for critically unwell children. Through replication of real-life situations in a controlled environment, simulation-based techniques provide a safe space to test, investigate, and learn.

KSA projects and programs provide training for paediatric staff working all levels of healthcare. We offer general neonatal and paediatric courses, as well as customized simulation courses designed to meet local health area needs ranging from testing facilities or procedures to multidisciplinary team training for senior clinicians. To find out more about how we use simulation-based techniques within paediatric healthcare, see what the experts have to say.

Core components of the KSA service include:

  • A team of SCHN employees
  • Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre – Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Les White Clinical Education Centre – Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
  • Resus4Kids Training and Education Program

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Kids Simulation Australia courses support health professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in caring for neonatal and paediatric patients across the state. We also provide and support courses aimed at developing neonatal and paediatric simulation faculty. To join our mailing list please click here to fill out our webform.

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Training centres

The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre Hainsworth Street, Westmead, NSW 2145.

Access to venue: In the Children’s Medical Centre Building (adjacent to the Public Car Park), go through the main entrance on the ground floor and follow the hall to the end of the corridor.

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

Les White Clinical Education Centre Level 4, South West Wing High Street, Randwick, NSW 2031

Access to venue: Access to the 4th floor is via the lift in “link corridor” between Prince of Wales/Royal Hospital for Women and Sydney Children’s Hospital. Please take the lift or stairs to the 4th floor.

More information

Sally Wharton MBBS FANZCA
Medical Simulation Co-Lead - Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

Sally is a paediatric anaesthetist who has worked at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW) for 25 years.  She has a keen interest in teaching and training - as a Supervisor of Training, final examiner and ANZCA Education Officer of NSW.  She has been involved in simulation at CHW since it first began.

Sally is involved with multidisciplinary in situ simulation training within the hospital, convenes external courses, and regularly facilitates simulation-based education outside the hospital at other centres, regional and national meetings.  Sally commenced in this position in April 2017.

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Daniel has a background in technology and business management, with over 35 years of industry experience spanning communications, audio visual and multimedia, medical electronics, software development, manufacturing, education and training, business management, strategic marketing and product development.

Daniel brings together his varied experience to the operational management of the SCHN Simulation service. Daniel joined the Simulation Team in May 2019.

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Caleb Lapointe RN BNSc, Grad Dip Clinical Education
Simulation Coordinator - The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Caleb is an experienced registered nurse who has worked at The Children's Hospital at Westmead for over 15 years in medical respiratory and perioperative services before moving to simulation in 2016. Caleb manages the Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre and facilitates the faculty development of simulation for the hospital.

Caleb instructs and supports the use of simulation in education-based courses, in-situ training, and translational contexts for system testing.

Caleb leads the development of paediatric task trainers and is evolving his expertise in silicone moulding and body casting for educational purposes. Caleb commenced in this position in 2016.

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Philip Williams BA Hons. 
Multimedia Coordinator 

A graduate of the University of Western Sydney Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), Phil has 20 years of experience working in the education and health sectors in AV and multimedia roles (over 16 years at CHW/SCHN).

Phil is a member of IPSS and SimGHoSTs, and has represented the Children's Hospitals Network at the International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops in 2011 and 2016, and at SimGHoSts 2016.

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Nicole is an experienced registered nurse with over 30 years in the clinical field and has a background in paediatric orthopaedic nursing. Nicole has been in an education role for over 15 years and has often used simulation as an education tool within the ward environment. Nicole’s current role is that of the Resus4Kids Coordinator for external organisations, which involves visits facilitating education workshops to help implement and support this program. She also coordinates simulation courses for staff external to the SCHN who require some extra education on caring for the paediatric patient. Nicole has been in this role since September 2017.

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Samantha Carmont Diploma in Digital Television and Film Production. Cert in Editing (Final Cut Pro)
Multimedia Coordinator – Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Samantha has worked with audio visual for over 13 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of multimedia. Her technical skills range from camera operation, audio equipment, general IT support, training and post-production using a variety of media editing suites. Samantha has worked on many film projects throughout her time at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, and has worked with various partners, including Luminesce Alliance.

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Joey is an experienced registered nurse who has worked at The Children's Hospital at Westmead for over 12 years in medical respiratory and education services before moving to simulation in 2014. Joey incorporates simulation as an education tool in the ward environment and in network transition programs to support staff in developing skills and confidence in caring for paediatric patients. She commenced in the position of Simulation Coordinator at Randwick in January 2024.

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Jozica Crncec

Kids Simulation Australia Administration Officer – Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

Jozica has 25+ years of experience in publishing, fundraising and office management. Throughout her career she has thrived in diverse roles, from overseeing production to managing events and budgets, collaborating with prominent publishers and NGOs such as Australian Georgraphic, CHOICE, Tearfund Australia and Uniting World.

Jozica thrives on the challenge of organising and efficiently managing busy workplaces and assisting colleagues who are juggling multiple responsibilities. Jozica joined the Simulation team in February 2024.

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