Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) program – Level 2

Course Description

The Level 2 program builds upon the skills acquired in the foundational course and completion of Level 1 is a pre-requisite. This component of the program is largely self-directed focusing on the development of practical skills to improve clinical practice to improve confidence in partnering with health professionals and parents.

The program is recommended for health professionals directly involved with the care of neonates. The program is facilitated over a 6 month period and consists of two 8 hour workshops at the commencement and completion of the program. Participants are required to complete self-directed learning each week of between 2-3 hours.

The FINE program (Level I and 2) has been submitted to postgraduate education providers for recognition of prior learning in postgraduate study. Additional information will be updated when it becomes available.

Who’s it for?

Hospital doctors
Allied Health
Health professionals

What’s included?

Learning outcomes

The FINE Level 2 Program consists of self-directed learning activities and focus on evaluating practices and integrating knowledge within the individual's clinical setting. The program is structured on the three principles of FINE education: 

Sensitive care

Neuroprotection: sensitive care helps to stabilise the infant, to protect and promote brain development

Parent engagement

Relationships: interactions between infant and caregivers, most particularly family members, have a significant impact on child development

Every baby

Individualised care: every infant is unique and individual needs can be interpreted through observation of the behavioural signs that give the infant a voice

Fee Information

The FINE Level 2 Program is currently priced at


(including GST). There are no discounts available.
  • module-quizzes First Nationals Neonatal Healthcare Professionals Scholarships are available (limited number offered annually)

Learning modules

Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) program – Level 2

  • Systematic observations of infants
  • Guided interactions with colleagues and parents
  • Structured evaluations of caregiving
  • Reflective submissions
  • Part 1: 5 topics that focus on neurobehavioural observation
  • Part 2: 5 topics that focus on implementation of IFCDC
  • Formative assessment is provided through feedback on written reflections
  • Course work is reviewed and assessment exercises are included in the final tutorial

*Program deferrals and refunds

In the event you are unable to commence the program you are registered for we will transfer your registration to the next upcoming program. Refunds are offered on an individual case by case basis. 

Sometimes life gets busy and it is hard to fit everything in! We understand this and will offer you the opportunity to defer the completion of the program for up to 12 months, the revised date for the completion of your program will be provided with one program deferral offered per participant. Deferrals are undertaken in consultation with the program coordinator and require email communication to

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