Simulation Faculty Development: Simulation Essentials

Course Description

Simulation Faculty Development: Simulation Essentials is designed to enhance healthcare workers’ ability to deliver safe and effective, simulation-based, paediatric education. Participants will develop knowledge and skills in the development and implementation of simulation with a paediatric focus, that is effective for staff education, assists with validating research, enhances patient safety and mitigates risks in paediatric healthcare.

The program has 2 main components: check points and self-directed modules (SDM). Self-directed modules explore Simulation Theory, Scenario Design, and an Introduction to debriefing. Check points are face to face time with your Simulation Coordinator and other experienced faculty. The Simulation Essentials program will guide you in creating, delivering, and debriefing a simulation scenario with support from Kids Simulation Australia faculty.

The course is aimed at SCHN (Sydney Children's Hospitals Network) staff who are interested in using simulation for investigating, testing, and training to improve patient safety.

Learning objectives


knowledge of the scope of simulation in testing, investigating, and training to improve patient outcomes in a paediatric setting.


the process for development and implementation of simulation-based programs in the paediatric context.

Design, deliver and debrief

a paediatric simulation-based activity within a safe learning environment.

Training Locations

  • Kids Simulation Australia, Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre, Hainsworth Street, Westmead, NSW 2145
  • Kids Simulation Australia, Les White Clinical Education Centre, Level 4, Southwest Wing, High Street, Randwick, NSW 2031

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