SCHN Webinar Series Package

About this event

Welcome to the SCHN Webinar Series Package, your gateway to a series of informative and interactive discussions designed for those navigating primary care and rural healthcare settings. Tailored as practical, case-based sessions, these webinars address the recognition and management of common medical presentations.

You have the flexibility to attend individual webinars or opt to subscribe to the entire SCHN Webinar Series package, granting access to all webinars scheduled for the year. An added perk: the package includes access to recorded sessions from the previous year, covering crucial topics such as developmental surveillance in primary care, skin infections, coeliac disease updates, paediatric retrieval services, otitis media in indigenous children, and insights into foreign body ingestion.

Led by respected professionals in the field, these sessions offer a wealth of practical knowledge to enhance your skills and confidence in handling prevalent medical scenarios. Elevate your medical knowledge with the SCHN Webinar Series Package, ensuring you stay informed and proficient in the ever-evolving landscape of paediatric healthcare.

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