Paediatric Neuro-Critical Care - Beyond BASIC

Course Description

Convened by Dr. Elena Cavazzoni, Dr. Nitesh Singhal, Dr. Michaela Waak and Dr. Anthony Slater

The course is a two-day programme focusing on managing paediatric patients with an acute brain injury or at risk of neurological problems.
The focus of the course will be on structured assessment, communication, neuro-resuscitation, neuro-protection and neuro-monitoring to guide management of these patients. Emphasis will be placed on brain-directed critical care from presentation at hospital through to discharge from PICU.

Who should attend?

Intensive care | Emergency
Intensive care | Emergency

Training Location

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Kids Simulation Australia

Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre

Hainsworth Street, Westmead, NSW 2145

Course Information

  • Basics of neurophysiology
  • Refractory status epilepticus
  • cEEG in ICU (intensive Care Unit)
  • Refractory ICP in TBI
  • Resuscitation post-cardiac arrest including TTM
  • Acute ischaemic stroke
  • Life after PICU - rehabilitation
  • Pharmacotherapy in neuro-critical care
  • Acute haemorrhagic stroke
  • Encephalitis/meningitis - approach with emphasis on autoimmune encephalitis
  • Neuroprognostication
  • Case discussion: Refractory status epilepticus/ischaemic stroke
  • Neuroimaging: How to recognise life-threatening neurological emergencies
  • EEG for critical care staff
  • Neuromonitoring– ICP monitoring-EVD/Codman, NIRS, brain tissue oxygen monitoring.

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