Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) program – Level 1

Course Description

FINE stands for, Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education. FINE is the only programme that gives neonatal professionals of all disciplines opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in steps that can be paced to their career needs, from orientation for beginners, to developing competent practice or leadership. FINE programs assist to bridge the gap between theory and practice with a range of learning opportunities that can be adapted to different settings. 

FINE Level  1 is considered a foundational, education program that mixes formal, informal and interactive teaching methods to introduce the scope and evidence behind infant and family centred developmental care, to identify gaps in knowledge and skills and to share ideas and question assumptions about practice.

2024 Dates

You will be granted access to the pre-learning components six weeks before the program's virtual workshop date. 


What’s included?

Learning outcomes

The module consists of a variety of resources to support a holistic approach and provide strategies on:

Sensitive care

Neuroprotection: sensitive care helps to stabilise the infant, to protect and promote brain development

Parent engagement

Relationships: interactions between infant and caregivers, most particularly family members, have a significant impact on child development

Every baby

Individualised care: every infant is unique and individual needs can be interpreted through observation of the behavioural signs that give the infant a voice

Fee Information

The FINE Level 1 Program is currently priced at


(including GST). There are no discounts available.
  • assessment-exam Rural scholarships, and
  • module-quizzes First Nationals Neonatal Healthcare Professionals Scholarships (limited number offered annually)

Training and resources

You must complete and submit all components to receive the login information or attend the FINE all-day virtual workshop program. We will check the completion before the workshop and will contact you if the components are missing.

 To participate in the virtual program, you will need each of the following:

  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer (note: each registrant must access the program via an individual computer, not shared).
  • A working webcam and microphone (to be turned on for the duration of training)
  • A stable wifi connection
  • A quiet, calm place to participate from
  • A doll and some linen (to practice making supportive bedding)
  • FINE program resources (hard copies to be posted to registrants in advance)
  • Snacks

To support learning in the non-metropolitan setting for health care professionals employed in the neonatal clinical area we are pleased to offer two registrations under the Rural Scholarship Program.
The rural scholarship covers the cost of program registration.

We were delighted in 2022 to launch a First Nations Neonatal Health Care Professional Scholarship thanks to a generous grant. The scholarship is available for First Nations Neonatal Health Care Professionals to complete:

  • FINE First Steps (1 hour eLearning Program) (valued at $109)
  • FINE Level 1: 1 ½ Day workshop (virtual) (valued at $400)
  • FINE Level 2: 6 month program (virtual) (valued at $2000) ** Please note completion of FINE Level 1 is a perquisite to enrol in FINE 2

The scholarship covers the costs to complete the program, it does not include the costs of study leave, travel or accommodation.

Submit an application form to


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